Diffuser Care

Your diffuser wants the very best for you. So do we. Here'e how you can get the most out of it:

It's normal for the diffuser oil to go down more quickly when you first open it, and then go down less quickly over time. This doesn't dilute the scent, you will still get the full effect right up until there's none left in the vessel

For a stronger scent, use more (or all) of the reeds. If it's too strong, use less of the reeds. We can't give you an exact number for this, because we don't know how big your room is

For a burst of fragrance, flip over the reeds. You shouldn't really need to do this more than 2 times a week at the most (but hey, you do you. Just know that if you do flip them more than that, the diffuser will run out faster)

Sit the diffuser on something that's not absorbent, like a coaster. If the diffuser oil gets on furniture or books, it can discolour them (also mop up any spills ASAP)

Some of our fragrances contain elements that can crystallise at room temperature over time. When you look at the diffuser oil, if it looks like there is a clump of dust or what you think might be mould, first of all, DON'T PANIC, just give the diffuser a little bit of a swirl and the crystal formation will break up and dissolve back into the oil. It's not mould - nothing can grow in the diffuser oil (but that doesn't mean you should use diffuser oil to clean or sanitise things, this is what cleaning products are made for, use them instead)

Over time, the reeds will become less effective as dust in the air settles on them. Typically you should replace the reeds in the diffuser every 4-6 months

If you have multiple diffusers (first of all, thank you!), don't reuse reeds that have already been used with one scent and put them in a different one. It might be tempting to mix fragrances, but trust us when we say we've tried all the combinations and they aren't nice when you do this. We all have a little bit of a mad scientist within us, but this isn't the best outlet for experiments