Collection: Guava Bellini

Guava Bellini - A Toast to Tantalising Tropics

Say "Cheers!" to "Guava Bellini," a fragrance that brings the party to your senses. Inspired by the clink of glasses and the fizz of celebrations, this scent is a bubbly, bright homage to the classic cocktail, with a tropical twist. It's not just a fragrance; it's a fiesta in a bottle, a sensory soiree where every note is an invitation to indulge.

The Festive Fragrance: Get ready to be whisked away on a zesty, juicy journey. "Guava Bellini" is the life of the party, turning your everyday into an endless summer soirée. It's vibrant, vivacious, and unapologetically fun.

The Aromatic Ensemble:

  • Top Notes: A citrusy overture of Pink Grapefruit, Bergamot, and Lemon - like the first rays of a sunrise over an orchard, bright and invigorating.
  • Middle Notes: The heart beats with Guava and Passionfruit, drizzled with the effervescent charm of Pink Champagne, creating a melody of mirth and merriment.
  • Base Notes: The celebration concludes with a harmonious blend of Vanilla, Elderflower, and Oriental Jasmine, a smooth and sophisticated finale that lingers like the last dance.

The Collection:

  • Soy Wax Candles: Ignite the flame and let the festive fragrance fill your space, turning any room into a vibrant venue of joy.
  • Aromatic Diffusers: Let "Guava Bellini" infuse your home with a continuous celebration, a reminder that life is always worth toasting to.
  • Goats Milk Hand Soap: Lather up with the spirit of celebration, leaving your hands not just clean, but caressed with the scent of a tropical gala.

Guava Bellini is more than a fragrance; it's a declaration that every day deserves a dash of delight and a splash of celebration. So raise your glass, or candle, or soap, and let "Guava Bellini" be your sensory signature, a scent that says, "Here's to the joyful, the jubilant, and the downright jazzy." Because life, like a bellini, is best served with a smile.