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Ya Big Softie - Aromatic Diffuser - 200ml

Ya Big Softie - Aromatic Diffuser - 200ml

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Ya Big Softie - The Scent of Unapologetic Indulgence

Vanilla Soft Serve
200ml Aromatic Diffuser, hand mixed

Welcome to "Ya Big Softie," the fragrance that whispers sweet nothings to your senses and wraps you in a cloud of creamy comfort. Crafted for those who embrace their softer side with a cheeky wink, this scent is a delightful dalliance in the world of aromatic joy.

For Your Nose Only:

  • Top Notes: A mischievous blend of Aniseed and Pineapple, tickling your fancy with a zesty, unexpected twist. Imagine a tropical breeze flirting with a spice bazaar.
  • Middle Notes: The heart of this scent is a creamy concoction of Buttermilk and Coconut, like a scoop of exotic ice cream melting under a sun-kissed sky.
  • Base Notes: The soul of "Ya Big Softie" lies in its rich Vanilla Bean and Malt foundation, a grounding yet decadent embrace that lingers long after the initial delight.

Ya Big Softie is more than a fragrance; it's a reminder to embrace the gentler things in life, to find joy in softness, and to never apologise for loving what feels good. Because sometimes, being a softie is exactly what the world needs.


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