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Ya Big Softie - Goat’s Milk Hand Soap - 250ml Refill

Ya Big Softie - Goat’s Milk Hand Soap - 250ml Refill

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Ya Big Softie - The Scent of Unapologetic Indulgence

Vanilla Soft Serve
250ml Goats Milk Hand Soap - Refill only - This does not include a hand pump
Hand mixed. Free From: Parabens, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Palm Oil, and PEGs. Non-GMO

Welcome to "Ya Big Softie," the fragrance that whispers sweet nothings to your senses and wraps you in a cloud of creamy comfort. Crafted for those who embrace their softer side with a cheeky wink, this scent is a delightful dalliance in the world of aromatic joy.

For Your Nose Only:

  • Top Notes: A mischievous blend of Aniseed and Pineapple, tickling your fancy with a zesty, unexpected twist. Imagine a tropical breeze flirting with a spice bazaar.
  • Middle Notes: The heart of this scent is a creamy concoction of Buttermilk and Coconut, like a scoop of exotic ice cream melting under a sun-kissed sky.
  • Base Notes: The soul of "Ya Big Softie" lies in its rich Vanilla Bean and Malt foundation, a grounding yet decadent embrace that lingers long after the initial delight.

Ya Big Softie is more than a fragrance; it's a reminder to embrace the gentler things in life, to find joy in softness, and to never apologise for loving what feels good. Because sometimes, being a softie is exactly what the world needs.

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